What is Microblading?

Microblading is a long-running genre of permanent makeup (micropigmentation). It is a procedure that differs slightly from the Hand-Application method in that its movements and gestures of application are dissimilar. Both Microblading and Hand-Application method are forms of permanent makeup, but what distinguishes the two and considers them more preferable to tattoo machines is the intricacy of their procedures.

Is Microblading a New Method of Permanent Makeup?

It is important to note that Microblading is certainly not a new method. This technique has been around for decades, if not more. Early permanent makeup has greatly made use of this method, but the emergence of branding and advertising has introduced this method as a recent sensational development.Microblading Tools and Techniques

What instruments are used?

We use precision instruments for our microblading services in Los Angeles county. Microblading uses a manual handheld applicator as opposed to an abrasive tattooing machine used in regular tattoos. With a smaller device, permanent makeup artists are able to get finer detail and fabricate very natural-looking features, such as simulating the appearance of hair in eyebrows. With the ability to draw hair strokes, the Microblading technique has been most desirable to those looking for a natural and accentuating look.

Why are consultations required?

We require consultations for a few reasons, First and foremost to get to know you and your expectations. during the consultation we go over the whole procedure, talk about shape, color, prep and aftercare. if you decide to move forward we take your deposit, book your appointment and send you home with paperwork, numbing agents and instructions on how to anesthetize yourself prior to your procedure. if you skip the consultation, book your appointment and are not anesthetized but wish to be there is a $50 charge for the 1 hour time it takes to get you anesthetized prior to your procedure.



Microblading is‏ best suited for those who have missing hairs, full yet sparse brows or transparent brows.

Reg. $575 / SALE - $375



HDbrow or HD mictoblading is best suited for those who have more than desired missing brow hair.

Reg. $600 / SALE - $450*



PhiBrow is best suited for those who have no or barely any brows. We create a brow for the individuals needs following the shape of your face, eyes and brow structure.

Reg. $675 / SALE - $500*



Ombre Microblading is a dramatic brow for those that like the semipermanent dramatic look. Ombre Microblading gives your brow that faded Ombre look " Powder brow

Reg. $750 / SALE - $550*



Reg. $675 / SALE - $450*

Have previously tattooed brows that need some attention to make them look natural? Microblading Camo & Correction is for you! depending on how much camo depends on the cost for this choice but well worth the end result of a natural looking eyebrow.


Microblading Touch-Up

Microblading Touch-Up is for Euphoria customers whom have had there Microblades applied here. we offer this discount and courtesy to our customers.



HDbrow Touch-Up


PhiBrow Touch-up


Microblading complementary Touch-Up.

for returning customers active in the past 90 days only.




Microblading Outside work Touch-up & Correction would be for those who had there brows dome elsewhere and depending on the service of microblading they had done, amount of fading or correcting needed is dependent on the cost of this particular service. However you will will never pay more than what the full price service will cost to have done here at Euphoria.

Microblading Touch-Up Outside Work Tier 1.


Light fading of original Microbladed Tattoo.

Microblading Touch-Up Outside Work Tier 2


Heavy fading of original Microbladed Tattoo.

Microblading Touch-Up & Correction of Outside Work Tier 1.


Light fading & correction of original Microbladed Tattoo.

Microblading Touch-Up & Correction of Outside Work Tier 2


Heavy fading & correction of original Microbladed Tattoo.