?Microblading FAQ?

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. Each hair stroke is manually applied one by one with a hand tool vs a machine, to give natural looking results.

Does Microblading hurt?

We use  not one but two types of numbing on the treated are area. We use a topical and another for once the skin is broken. 

Your technician reapplies numbing  throughout the procedure. Pain is minimal, if at all.

What is the difference between Microblading, Microshading and Ombre aka Powder Eyebrows?

The ombre technique differs from Microblading in that we create a misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The tails of the brow are darker, and fade into a light start to the brow, giving that perfect ombre makeup affect. There is no realistic hair strokes in this technique. Ombre is the best option if you have really oily skin.

Microblading plus Microshading combo is a hybrid of both simulated hair and a powdered look for a 6D affect. 

All three options last 6 months-3 years depending on skin type, daily facial  regimen and sun exposure. 

Do the technicians have certifications?

YES! Our master practitioner is certified and a licensed tattoo Artest with the state of Connecticut and has preformed over 5000+ cosmetic tattoos over her 20 year career.


Can I book a consultation appointment? 

Every Microblading appointment booked need a consult 1 week prior your microblading appointment. During your consultation we determine your shape and decide on a color and we also give you the numbing ointment and instructions on how to apply prior to your microblading appointment.  We recommend scheduling this consultation for these reasons, also if you are unsure about the Microblading procedure and are not ready to commit to the actual appointment.  We do not charge for a consultation appointment. At this appointment we will shape your eyebrows and go over color options and ensure you are ready for Microblading. Bring in your eyebrow makeup and any inspirational photos you may have. Please be advised we will not accept consultation and procedure on the same day. When you book online and if you book dame day your appointments will be canceled and you will be directed to book accordingly to our policies. We thank everyone for understanding :)


Why is an old tattoo cover up more expensive?

Old tattoos are much more difficult than a blank canvas. The older technique used a regular tattoo machine which goes very deep into the epidermis and typically does tissue damage. Microblading is gently applied to the top layer of the epidermis which can result in needing several sessions for the pigment to stick to your traditional eyebrow tattoo. Old ink often heals cool (blue/green) vs the new pigments which are warm and designed to be temporary. Damaged tissue and old ink can be difficult to cover and require more tools, supplies, time and expertise. Corrections are typically needed to perfect your old tattoo. 

*Not all technicians offer cover ups for these reasons. Our specialist are happy to do a text consult at 860-993-4079  to let you know what your options are. We like to be completely transparent and honest with our clients.

I had microblading done else where. Can I have my touch up done at Euphoria Face & Body?

We often get clients that are unhappy with their previous Microblading or have relocated. We ask to please text 3 unedited or cropped photos of the previous work done  to our Customer Care line  860-993-4079  for a text consult. We still go through the same process as a new client to ensure measurements are correct and the pigment is consistent. 

Is Microblading safe?

when it comes to Microblading. It is very important to consider skill and standards on top of cost when selecting your artist. At Euphoria Face & Body we cut no cost and use all disposable tools, the best pigments and pride ourselves on a clean facility beyond health code requirements for the safety of our clients.

Can I get Microblading if I have health issues or am on medication?

You have to get clearance from your doctor before getting Microblading.

How long does Microblading last?

Microblading can  last 6 months-3 years depending on skin type, sun exposure, after care & daily facial regimen. We recommend annual touch ups to maintain color and shape. 

How much does Microblading cost?

We run specials every month. Average cost for Microblading in Connecticut is $400 + . Use caution if prices are in the low $100 bracket because the "technician" is most likely inexperienced, not certified, insured or licensed and is most likely not using sanitary disposable tools which can result in infection and even blood borne disease (hepatitis, HIV, etc.). Ask for before and after photos, healed results and do your research looking for reviews about the artist. 

How long does Microblading take?

Depending on your procedure, ie Microblading, HD Microblading, PHI Brow, etc, it takes 1.5 to hours numbing time is done at home 3 hours prior to your procedure appointment and we provide the numbing agent during your consultation. If you didn’t make a consult 1 week prior to your appointment we will numb you however there is a $45 charge for the time.

How often do you have to get Microblading touched up?

We recommend getting Microblading touch ups every year. Clients that like a dark, rich color come every 6 months. It all depends on how your skin holds the pigment and your preference.  Please remember to take the same precautionary measures for your retouch appointment.

How do I pick a color for Microblading?

We have a large variety of pigment  30+ color options to choose from. We sample them against your skin to make sure it's a perfect match. We try to get as close to the color of your brows as to not tell the difference between your brow hair and the Microbladed strokes. You want to consider that the pigment fades  20-40% on average, when the new skin heals over the Microblading.

Do I have to shave my eyebrows before Microblading?

 NO! You do not have shave off your brows before Microblading, in fact, we can blend the hair to make it look even more natural. If you have black brows and want a lighter color or vice versa, we recommend getting them tinted to the color you prefer a few days  before your Microblading appointment, so your technician can color match to your tinted eyebrow. You can remove the hair if you'd prefer. We do recommend getting the unwanted strays either waxed or threaded before your appointment as to not over irritate the skin the day you do Microblading.

I have no eyebrow hair. Am I a candidate?

Microblading PHI Brow is ideal if you have no hair. Many of our clients have no hair from over plucking or medical reasons. Our technician is trained to design your eyebrows off the bone structure and eye placement, so having hair or lack there of does not stand as an issue.

I have ethnic skin, am I able to do microblading?

You want to consider a couple of things if you have ethnic skin. Ethnic skin often has issues with micro pigmentation. If you have any scars that have turned white, if you keloid or have any tattoos that have raised skin over the tattooed area or did not heal well we do not recommend microblading. Also, the microblading will fade 20-40% on average so if you have a darker skin tone you are risking it fading substantially and may not be visible when your skin heals over. Please feel free to text any questions and/or photos to our customer care line 860-993-4079

I have a scar on my brow area, can I microblade over?

Scar tissue has a more difficult time gripping pigment. Some clients take the pigment well and others may need a few more sessions. 

What is the down time after Microblading?

for the most part there is no down time after Microblading. Redness and swelling will go down after a few hours to a few days depending on your personal makeup. You want to avoid moisture and anything that can cause infection for a few days after Microblading.

What do I do to prep for Microblading?

You want to avoid anything that can thin the blood including medication, alcohol and caffeine. You want to be off fish oil and harsh skin regimens for at least two weeks before Microblading. If you tint your brows, you should do so a week before. You do not want to tint after, until Microblading is completely healed. If you get botox we recommend getting it done 2 weeks before your appointment to make sure muscles have settled into place. Please remember to take the same precautionary measures for your retouch appointment.

Can I wear makeup the day of my appointment?

Yes, we clean and sanitize the area before beginning the procedure. 

Can I work out or go swimming after Microblading?

We recommend not swimming or going in the sauna for two weeks. You want to avoid bacteria getting on the treated area for a week to avoid infection and fading.

Can I change the shape or color after my first Microblading sessions?

Yes, you can adjust color, go thicker, add shading and adjust the shape at your  touch up appointment(s) to a degree. we can add not subtract. 

What is Microblading aftercare?

Our technicians send you home with an ointment and aftercare instructions. You want to avoid touching them, sweat and moisture for a week.  Apply a thin layer of Aquaphore for 4 days after to act as a barrier and help with itching and flaking. Do not apply too much. You want the skin to be able to breath. You can rinse gently with warm water and  q-tip after 24 hours. Do not use any harsh face wash or creams on the brow area. The brows may appear darker a few days after Microblading when the skin begins to heal. Some flaking may occur, do not pick. It may appear patchy while the new skin heals over but strokes usually resurface a few weeks into healing if that does occur. Some people don't have any flaking or awkward phase in the healing process. This all depends on each individuals skin and how they heal. Any tweaks can easily be made at your follow

up appointment. Failure to follow the aftercare could impact your healed results. Please remember to take the same precautionary measures for your retouch appointment. 

Do I have to be 18 to get Microblading done?

Microblading is technically a tattoo so we require all clients to be over 18 and have proper Identification.

Can I get Microblading if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

You are not a candidate if you are pregnant or breast feeding. We cannot use lidocaine or risk infection.

Do you offer Microblading Training?

No, unfortunately we are just to busy to offer training.

Please read the "Are you a candidate" link before scheduling.

Please text any questions to 3D Microblading Eyebrows Customer Care line at 860-993-4079

We look forward to perfecting your brows.

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