We, at Euphoria Face & Body, take health seriously. We uphold the highest safety standards and raise the bar on education and safety to benefit our clients, artists, staff and anyone who walks through our doors. We believe that being a microblading/permanent makeup artist is a profession of care and there are unique safety standards required in order to perform our services. With that in mind, we warrant that our studio is blood borne pathogens certified according to state regulations. We go above and beyond to make sure our studio is the safest it can be and can be noticed as soon as you walk through our doors. 

Tools and Supplies

We use 100% disposable tools, never to be reused on another client. 

Hand Washing

 All artists are required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before/after procedures. 

Cleansers and Disinfectants 

We use medical grade cleansers, barrier film and autoclave that keeps all bloodborne pathogens at bay to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Our needles are properly disposed in an FDA approved sharps container, never to be reused. After each procedure, artists are required to properly dispose all tools and wipe down their station with medical grade cleansers. Anything they might have touched throughout the procedure must be wiped down with this medical grade cleanser. New barrier film is replaced on any tool made out of plastic to make sure no contamination occurs. Anything made from metal (such as tweezers, scissors, etc…) are placed in barbicide and put into the autoclave to be sterilized. 


Euphoria Face & Body uses only the best tools on our clients. The Harmony microblade by Tina Davies is our most trusted microblade on the market. All Harmony microblades are 100% disposable, and have been pre sterilized using EO Gas. Each needle is individually packaged and has a unique lot number and sterilization date. You can even download the certification of sterilization using the needle’s lot number to ensure your needles are in fact sterile. 


Plastic cannot be sanitized, therefore anything that is plastic used during our procedures is disposed or wrapped in barrier film that is replaced after each procedure. We cover our chairs and trays in plastic and replace them after each procedure. 


Artists are required to wear gloves throughout the entire procedure. Any time an artist removes her gloves, she is to wash her hands, and put on a fresh pair of gloves, never use the same pair twice. No artist is allowed to leave the procedure room with gloves on, even if they are clean. No gloves  means hands are clean, making it safe to walk around our studio. 

Drawing Tools

Euphoria Face & Body Artists use a black China marker to outline the brow design. The pencil is pre-sterilized before touching a client’s face and is wrapped in barrier film. After each procedure, artists are required to sharpen the pencil by shaving off any part that touched a client’s skin. This prevents any cross contamination. 

Double Dipping

NEVER! No one is allowed to ever double dip. If an artist needs more product of any kind, they are required to use a new disposable tool. 

We will never put your and our health at risk, meaning we are a little extra when it comes to sanitation and sterilization. 

We abide by a very important rule: “THE MOST PARANOID PERSON WINS!”

It all started when…

Owner & Cosmetologist Romy L opened the doors of Euphoria Skin Care Stud!o in 2004 with one hope, to offer high end services all can afford. Now 15 years later and fully automated Euphoria Face & Body is here! we take pride in our work. We respect our clients by taking time to educate them, providing complimentary consultations,  education and working hard to give clients results that make them look and feel better all the time. This is what we define as the Beauty of Convenience. At all times, Euphoria aims to maintain the upmost level of service to clients and strives to always exceed the clients expectations. 


We understand how nerve racking it can be trying to ascertain your perfect microblading artist. Listed below and in our FAQ link is everything you need to know and if you have any questions you can text us at anytime at 860-993-4079


Established in 2004, you can trust your face to the hands of our certified, licensed and experienced PRACTITIONER. We have completed thousands of procedures and are honored to hold a 5 star rating. When you come in we will walk you through each and every decision before applying anything.


PLEASE look for our logo. Although we hold the registered trademark rights to euphoria skin care studio™ & Euphoria face & Body™ we have many competitors using the terms in their names.  Please don't confuse us with them.

3D Microblading™ normally $600 with our master technicians, now ONLY $255, for a limited time! 3D/hd Microblading Eyebrows™ is the latest trend in beauty. It is a manual method of implanting pigment, in hair-like strokes, in the epidermis to create the look of youthful, full, natural looking 3d/hd Eyebrows™.

We also offer the latest technique "Microblading + Powderfill Combo" for those who don't want to fill their brows in more with makeup. This technique is our favorite and uses both a hand tool for precise hair strokes and shading with a machine which provides a more realistic look by shading where the hair would naturally overlap and braid together. This technique is recommended for clients with oily skin and tends to last longer as the machine penetrates the epidermis deeper than the hand tool alone. We love the results and highly recommend this to new and existing clients. 

If your eyebrows have been previously tattooed/microbladed elsewhere we have a "Cover Up" specials for $399+. We pride ourselves in being transparent with our clients and require photos of current brow tattoos to give you our honest professional opinion of your options. Not all of our techs will cover other work. Cover ups require more tools, knowledge of the chemistry of the older pigments, scar tissue & require more work, hence the price difference. Please submit photos of your old tattoo to see if you're a candidate for Microblading to 860-993-4079 prior to booking, no matter how old or faded it may appear on the surface.

Powderfill and Ombre are done by machine and both give a makeup affect. It is a great option if you want to not fill with makeup, have scars or oily skin.

Only our licensed & certified master technician complete each procedure. Our techs have over 15 years experience and are required to complete 5000+ procedures to be considered a master technician. 

Your session begins with a consult where your technician measures your face to ensure symmetry, designs the perfect brow shape with you, goes over color options, and applies numbing gel before beginning procedure.  It takes about 1.5 - 2 hours in total and is all done in one appointment.

We use the best and latest pigments made in the USA and our tools are disposable for your safety.

Microblading is a two step process. Your initial visit and a 6 week touch up. 6 weeks is required between appointments to avoid the development of scar tissue. 6-8 week touch ups are recommended to perfect and prolong your results. Clients with oily skin may need a third session or if the skin doesn't retain the Microblading well we recommend adding powder fill which penetrates deeper and has better healed results.

3D/hd Microblading™ is a semi-permanent tattoo that last 6 months-3 years depending on your skin regimen, sun exposure, skin type and after care. To maintain shape and color we recommend a touch up every year. Results last about 6-12 months for oily skin and about a year for dryer skin before needing a touch up, on average. This is the average of our clients but everyone retains differently depending on the reasons listed above.

Pain is almost obsolete when the strong numbing gel penetrates the skin. We use a strong topical lidocaine and reapply throughout the procedure. Most clients rate the pain 1 out of 10 for Microblading with our numbing at no additional cost. numbing gels are given to our clients during the consultation 1 week prior to your microblading and is applied by you every 30 minutes 3 hours before tour microblading appointment.

You can see artist availability and schedule your appointment by clicking the "Schedule Here" option at the top of page. All appointments are reserved with a credit card, your card is not charged for the service, we hold your information for cancelation purposes only. You will immediately receive your confirmation email and text if you register your mobile number with instructions when it is completed correctly.


Please feel free to text 860-993-4079 with any questions and our Customer Care Team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to speak to someone please call us and leave a message and we will call back when we become available. We are unable to answer phone calls while working on clients for sanitary reasons, please text for the quickest response. Thank you for understanding.

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Our Microblading Studio is located in the 

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2139 silas deane highway rocky Hill, ct. 06067

We look forward to giving you the perfect brows!

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